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Do you have financial problems in your life?

Would you like to improve your financial condition?

Are you looking for extra streams of income?

Are you looking for funds to start a home business or do you currently have one that could do with a little planning and extra funds?

Would you like extra money to take care of problems that have just come up?

Would you like to have extra cash to have a dream vacation or shop?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then..

Read this now!


Dear friend, we all have financial problems in our life, but when it gets to the point we can't take it anymore we usually consider loans.

Loans can be an easy solution to several problems and can really improve your life and even your standard of living. However people do not have the right information and have thier loans rejected. FIMP is a package put together to provide you with adequate information to obtian loans easily as well as improve your financial situation generally.


Take a look at the products below!

Loans Ebook

"Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Loans" is a comprehensive e-book that will help you learn all about the world of loans. Before you apply for a loan, you need this vital information! This book plus all the wonderful books and software below is guaranteed to help you put your life back on track!


There will probably come a time in your life when you will consider applying for a loan. People choose to borrow money for many reasons but loans are not a one size fits all solution.


Why should you learn about loans?

Knowledge can help you solve your financial problems and make your dreams come true. A mistake many people make is that they rely on a bank or loans officer to make their choices for them.

Don't leave yourself at the mercy of what could be a shark with only their own interests in mind!


The e-book, "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Loans" will provide you with a solid understanding of the extensive and often confusing world of loans. Learning the information contained in this e-book could be life changing in terms of your financial future.


Having a solid understanding of loan types, policies, procedures and special programs that not everyone knows about can help you significantly by helping you to:

  • Understand what type of loan is right for you

  • Understand why you might be declined for a loan (and prevent it!)

  • Learn how best to get approved when you have imperfect credit

  • Understand the best way to approach the loans process so you get the best deal possible…saving money on interest rates

  • Learn how to get around paying exorbitantly high interest rates on loans

  • Learn what to do if you are declined for a loan but are really in dire need of that $$$


  • Identify when a deal is not in your best interests which can save you time, money and most importantly…protect your assets and financial future.


A quick peak into the first few pages of "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Loans":

  • Introduction talks about the importance of getting informed about loans.

  • Then, learn about the difference between secured and unsecured loans. Learn why having the right type of collateral can make it possible for just about anyone to get approved for a loan, regardless of credit history.

  • In depth look at the risk of loans and analyzing the risk vs. benefit for your specific scenario. Not many bank managers go very in depth into the risks and it's vital that you understand what you are signing up for. "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Loans" helps to demystify the fine print!

  • Learn about the approval and decline process. Helpful tips and information to maximize your approval chances!


What about specific areas of concern?


"Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Loans" doesn't just give you an overview of loans. It goes into great detail for many loan areas including:

  • Auto loans

  • Student loans

  • Home equity loans

  • Home loans

  • Payday loans

  • Line of credit loans

  • Debt consolidation loans

  • Commercial loans

  • And more


Beyond looking at the specific types of loans that are available, you need to know about the ins and outs of money lending. This will help you learn how to present yourself in the best light possible to the bank or loan company and will help you identify the best way to handle questions, paperwork and potential rejections.


This information filled e-book also looks at specific issues such as:

  • Your credit score

  • Collateral for secured loans

  • The approval process

  • The foreclosure process

  • Shopping around for the best loan rate

  • Applying for loans online

  • What documents you need for loan applications

  • Improving your credit score

  • Preparing for your interview with a loan officer.


Loans Free Report

Unraveling the Maze of Student Loans is ten fact-filled pages that can help students approaching their higher education as well as parents or grandparents who are helping young people plan for their academic future. It's also a great resource for anyone thinking about borrowing in order to go back and get a higher education.

Today, many people are going back to school part or full-time in order to change career directions and the free report, Unraveling the Maze of Student Loans will be a great handbook for getting the right financing lined up in order to invest in your future. This report is available FREE for those who purchase "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Loans".

Here are a few of the areas covered by the special report:

  1. Government vs. private loans

  2. Stafford loans

  3. Perkins loans

  4. Parents Plus loans

  5. Student Loan Interest

  6. Student loan payment considerations

  7. Qualification processes for student loans

  8. Dealing with loans when you are in default


What are you getting in this package of "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Loans" and "Unraveling the Maze of Student Loans"?


The payoff for purchasing this book and getting the free report is that as soon as you read it, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to

  • increase your chances of getting approved for the loan you want

  • AND save significant amounts of money in the process

Knowledge is definitely power in the world of money-lending so download this e-book today and get the knowledge to help you reach your financial and personal goals!



How To Make Your Home Sell

A Practical Guide To Selling Homes In The World Of Real Estate!
how to make home sell

The best way to revive the real estate market is by ensuring that homes are staged. This is a unique concept that ensures that a chosen house would appeal to buyers. Real estate agents use this knowledge and turn themselves to staging professionals with exorbitant fees.

This book would teach you:

How to stage your home
How to make the house sell quickly
This book will teach you as well as provide you with closely guarded, useful and easily applicable information on selling your home quickly.


“Someone’s Junk Is Someone Else’s Treasure”


Garage Sales

 "Attending A Swap Meet, Garage Sales or Setting Up A Booth At A Flea Market Can Be Fun & Exciting!"

What Is it about These type of bargan events?

On almost any given weekend across the country, someone is holding a garage sale, attending a swap meet or setting up a booth at a flea market. The quote “someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure” makes these events both plausible and plentiful.


Most of us are accumulators.


So many people spend their weekends out looking for bargains at these types of events and there are plenty of opportunities to make money. Much of it will be clear profit since there is virtually no overhead cost involved— certainly not the same as in a retail shop.


Sale Sale Sale!


Your first garage sale can be to clean out your “junk”.

Your subsequent sales can be for items you pick up at bargain prices at flea markets, swap meets and auctions, which you then turn around and sell out of your own garage.


You can still give someone a bargain and make a profit on the merchandise turnover.

What do people look for? Almost anything! Clothes, books, art, old records, furniture, pots and pans, a fishing pole— you name it! Most people will buy at least one thing. They have that shopping itch!!


There's a lot of profit & great deals...

As you get to be a garage sale expert, you will end up going around to these sales and acquiring great deals which you can turn around and sell at a profit. If someone needs cash, there may be tremendous deals out there on the tables. Or if someone is moving and wants to get rid of whatever they don’t wish to move this means a great opportunity to pick up something unusual or needed without spending much cash yourself.


How much money you can earn at your garage sales depends on the inventory and the customer traffic. The variety of goods you have will make your sale more attractive, especially if you start having them on a regular basis.


You’re ready! You’re in the right frame of mind for this task, so let’s set up your garage sale.

What have you got to lose?


Get out of the house and start making that money.


Get this Insider's Handbook To:



  • Making Money At Garage Sales
    Setting Up
    Selection and Pricing
    The Sale


Get all the products today as a fimp member


Saving Time and Money for Work at Home Entrepreneurs

Strictly for the One Man Entrepreneurs and Work at Home Moms!
saving time n money

Why are so many people trying to work from home and are not succeeding? You wonder really as you watch others rake in six seven figures monthly.

You have to discipline yourself. Most people work from home because they can work only when they want to work. This is true. However you must discipline yourself and create certain work hours for yourself.

Time is of the essence when you work at home. Planning your time is essential. Chatting and other irrelevant activities should be scheduled.

In saving time and money for work at home entrepreneurs, you will learn different strategies on how to save time and reduce expenditure.



"Discover How To Boost Your Self Esteem & Confidence Using The Powerful Methods Of Positive Thinking & Self Talk In A Decade"

positive thinking

You're about to discover the most comprehensive report to learn how to use self talk to become positive thinker that will boost your self confidence, get motivated and talk as a consoling friend to live a happier life!


"Boost Your Self Esteem & Confidence Using
The Powerful Techniques Of Positive Thinking & Self Talk"

Through this report, I would love to share my secrets with you and my new special report on positive self talk does just that!


Imagine, Learning Things Like:

  • Inner Strengths Discovered in Positive and Self-Talk Strategies. Self-talk is a line of approaches we can employ to turn out to be positive bookworms. When we talk particularly over our difficulties with self, it assists us in blowing in* coming closer to ourselves and learning to gain sureness of our conduct or behaviors.
  • Setting Up Your Stop Smoking Program in Self Talk and Positive Reflections. Smoking is a nasty habit. Not only does your mate kiss an ashtray, your insides start to turn black gradually and the arteries will harden. Smoking is something we want to avoid at all costs.
  • Hypnosis and Positive Self Talk. If you like and are comfortable with who you are, then chances are you do not need to work very hard at becoming a more appealing and charismatic personality. People who are most comfortable in their own skin are not the people who seek to improve on or alter their personalities.
  • Attitude in Positive Thinking and Self-Talk. To achieve success we need to have a positive attitude. We can achieve this by using positive thinking and self-talk. People who succeed need to think positive and tell themselves that they can do it.
  • Stay Healthier with Positive Thinking and Self Talk. All of us need to feel healthy and happy in our daily lives in order to feel content with our selves. Positive thinking and self-talk will help us become content and help keep us in a better and healthy future.
  • How to Apply the Benefits of Positive Self Talk to our Everyday Lives? There are varying expert opinions on the overall adequacy of positive self-talk as a long-term aid to general improvement of a person’s quality of life, since every person is so unique and such an individual that no two are likely to employ the process in exactly the same way.
  • And a lot more...



You don't need to go broke to drive your vehicle!

How To Save Money And Conserve Gas!

Most Out Of The Fuel In Your Tank"

who me procastinate ebook

62 Ways To Save Money At The Gas Pump!

Within "62 Ways To Save Money At The Gas Pump" you'll find everyday ways to make that dollar stretch your gas tank.. is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • The percentage of your fuel that is automatically wasted every time you use your car - and how to keep that number at a bare minimum. (Pages 5-6)
  • A little known figure about gas mileage that you can use to save money on your taxes. (Page 6)
  • An easy way to let credit cards save you up to $300/year on gas. (Page 7)
  • A little known secret about what time of day you should buy gas to get the most for your money. (Page 8)
  • How to use the Internet to save you money at the pumps. (Pages 8-9)
  • How to use coupons when buying gas to make sure your money stays in your bank account. (Page 9)
  • A secret move to use with the nuzzle to save nearly a half cup of gasoline that you've already paid for. (Pages 13-14)
  • What really happens when you drive on empty. (Page 15)
  • A little known item that should be replaced regularly if you want to improve your gas mileage by up to 10 percent. (Page 19)
  • 5 ways to save on gas when commuting to work. (Pages 26-27)
  • How to use your gas pedal for maximum efficiency. (Page 28)
  • How hot days can often reduce your fuel economy by up to 20 percent and what you can do about it. (Page 30)
  • The secret way to maneuver hills in order to use your gas for maximum benefit. (Page 33)
  • How the brake becomes the villain to gas economy. (Page 34)
  • A little known way to twist your gas cap to make sure your tank stays fuller. (Page 35)
  • What fuel conscious drivers do on the highway to save fuel. (Page 36)
  • 5 gas saving products you can try for your car. (Pages 37-39)
  • The insider's way of choosing a vehicle for maximum fuel efficiency. (Pages 39-42)
  • 13 everyday tips to add to your driving routing if you want to start saving on gas right away. (Pages 43-44)
  • 11 web sites you can't afford to miss if you're concerned about paying too much for gasoline. (Pages 44-45)

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!


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Discover 101 Easy To Implement Money Saving Tips!


101 ways to stop the money leak

Do you feel like you've got a hole in your pocket when it comes to money?

Are you making the same mistake as almost everyone else when it comes to money?


What's that mistake?


Most people concentrate ONLY on how much money they can make and ignore how much money they can save! ...


Now You Can Tap Into 101 Fantastic Ways To Stop The Money Leak!


Question is

Do You Really Want To Save Money?


Let me show you 101 easy to implement ways you can start plugging all of the money leaks immediately.

You will see money saving ideas for just about every aspect of living: From everyday household items and chores, holidays, gift ideas, dining out, phone costs, entertaining, health care and lot's lot's more...


In fact you could be saving as much as $600.00 a year from just one of these money saving tips -- What if you applied them all?


Look... It's so easy you'll kick yourself if you're not doing it...

But let me tell you something...

If you implement just some of the money saving tips mentioned in this 52 page manual you WILL without any shadow of doubt save tremendous amounts of money... And that my friend is a promise!



82 Techniques That Will Put More Money Into Your Pocket!

*2 techniques to put money in your pocket

Are you in debt? Do you want a new car or a new house? Do you just want some extra money so that you can take your family on a nice vacation?


I think you can answer yes to almost every question above!

If you answered yes to at least one of them, then I have an incredible resource for you. If you didn't answer yes to any of the questions, this resource is NOT for you.

This resource is for the average Joe/Jane who is trying to save money in these hard economic times. We all want MORE out of life. Unfortunately, getting MORE out of life usually takes having MORE money.

Today is THE day that YOU can start putting MORE money into YOUR pocket!

I'm going to show you:


82 Techniques That Will Put More Money Into Your Pocket!

  • Save while shopping
    (Save on buying clothes, food, and almost anything else you shop for.)
  • Save while paying bills
    (Save on your mortgage, insurance, doctor bills, and MORE!)
  • Save while traveling
    (Save money on all of your traveling. No matter where you want to travel you can travel at much lower than normal cost.)
  • Save while you take your family out for a "family day".
    (Save on movies, eating out at restaurants, and other fun things you enjoy doing with your family.)

You'll immediately be able to start learning how to save money on all the above in this 28-page information packed ebook.

You're finally going to be able to do those things that YOU want to do, but never had the money to do.

  • Buy a house or a car.
  • Get out of debt.
  • Take your family on a vacation.

You'll be able to do all of this and more once you read:

82 Techniques That Will Put More Money Into Your Pocket!


101 Tips For Selling Your Home!

101 tips for selling your home

See how easily you can sell your own home in today's market!

Give Me 45 Minutes And I'll Make Sure You're Armed With Insider Tips, Tricks, And Tactics For Selling Your Home FAST For The Best Price Possible!

Thinking about selling your house without a real estate agent?

It can be done and the truth is, many people do it very successfully. But there's a trick to it that not everyone grasps.

And now - you'll be able to sell your house armed with the knowledge of a professional real estate agent.

So don't worry! Selling your house all by yourself won't be a nightmare if you follow the right information from the get-go. If you're even THINKING about selling your house on your own.

Within my 61 page guide, "101 Tips For Selling Your Home," I'll teach you how best to present your home to buyers, how to think inside their shoes, and leave the negotiating table with the best deal possible for both parties! is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

The very first thing you should do when planning to sell your home. (Pages 8-9)

Who you should be listening to for advice. (Page 9)

The perils of overpricing your house and how to think realistically. (Pages 10, 11, & 12)

The secret "deal-clinchers" some homeowners forget to advertise. (Pages 13-15)

What information homebuyers are likely to want to know about transportation in your area. (Page 15)

The secret ingredient in your cities water that may help sell your house. Does your area have it? (Page 16)

How to add romance to your advertisements - work's great on newlyweds! (Page 18)

Why your yard matters, and what to do about it. (Pages 18-19)

The list you should carry around with you when showing your house. Believe me, it will help you sell your home. (Pages 19-20)

One simple change to a house that seemed to have no hope that instantly transformed it into the cutest house in the neighborhood (and helped it sell for $900,000). (Pages 21-22)

4 reasons NOT to sell your house (if deep down you really don't want to). (Pages 22-24)

How to prepare yourself mentally for selling your house. (Page 25)

When to bring a professional in to inspect your house for hidden problems. (Page 26)

The test you should have performed on your house to impress potential buyers (and put them at ease). (Page 27)

How to bring up recent repairs to prospective buyers in a positive way (that doesn't make them worry). (Page 42)

How to put yourself in the buyers shoes. (Page 29)

3 things the law requires you to fix. (Page 30)

How simply changing these two things in a room can liven up living areas. (Pages 30-31)

How making repairs can actually decrease your profits. (Page 32)

How to find out what questions prospective buyers are likely to ask - before they do! (Page 34)

How to use word-of-mouth in ways more powerful than you thought possible. (Page 35)

The secret to using your company to help you find a buyer. (Page 36)

The 5 ingredients to selling a house according to Barb Schwarz, a highly successful realtor. (Pages 36-38)

The secret to being successful with honesty. (Page 38)

6 tips to placing an ad (including how to write one). (Pages 40-42)

The truth about Internet ads versus classifieds. (Page 43)

How the perfect ad should look according to Bill Effros (an expert on home-selling). (Pages 44-45)

4 simple words that can double the response to your ad or better. (Page 46)

Find out which day is best to run your ad on (to have the best success). (Pages 46-47)

4 tips for preparing and taking phone calls from prospective buyers. (Pages 48-49)

3 simple tips for preparing your home before people start showing up. (Pages 49-50)

The little known trick successful sellers use to answer commonly asked questions effectively. (Page 51)

How to be firm in negotiations when buyers try to talk you down (by insulting your house). (Pages 52-53)

How to legally transfer ownership of your house to the buyer (without making any critical mistakes). (Pages 53-54)

7 items every contract should cover. (Page 55)

The power of the "down payment" in protecting you as the seller. (Page 57)

4 reasons why deals sometimes fall through. (Page 58)

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!


Travel Cheap


101 tips for travelling on a budget

The amazing secret to planning a dream vacation or a business trip that’s light on your pocket book!



“Who Else Wants To Plan Their Next Vacation With The Suave Insider Techniques Only A Professional Travel Agent Would Know?”



Where do you wish you were right now?

Hawaii? The Bahamas? New Zealand? If you could choose one spot in the world to be your dream vacation destination…

…where would it be? Second question. Do you think you’ll ever get there?

Travel can be expensive. Airline tickets, steep hotel rates, the hidden cost of meals and more. Will you ever have the money to pick up and leave for your dream destination?

With the right insider tips, you’ll find yourself cutting costs on every aspect of your trip! To hotels, air fare, meals, and more! Just keep reading and I’ll tell you all you need to know...




“See How Easily You Can Travel To The Destination Of Your Dreams (With Just Some Simple Planning), THIS YEAR For Cheap!”




Aruba? Jamaica? Bermuda? Bahama? You pick and I’ll tell you how to make sure you get there this year if possible. It’s all about making a goal, sticking to it, and knowing how to cut the costs that will make it happen.

In my 50 page guide, “101 Tips For Traveling On A Budget,” I’ll give you all the insider methods for getting to your dream vacation location for the lowest dollar possible. The report is 100% downloadable, so you can be reading it on your computer in just minutes from now! is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

How to make sure you visit at least one dream destination this year. (Pages 5-6)

How to make “SMART” travel goals that are achievable. (You may find yourself at the resort of your dreams if you follow these steps) (Pages 6-7)

The most important thing to do to make sure your next trip is affordable. (Page 8)

9 different sources of information that will help you plan a frugal vacation. (Page 9)

Why it’s OK to let the “vacation bug” hit you – and to run with it. (Page 10)

The secret to using early planning as your biggest money saver. (Page 11)

How to deal with travel agents who work on a commission. (Page 11)

Watch out for members of your own travel partners who will be after your money! (Pages 11-12)

When a debit card can get you into trouble on vacation. (Page 12)

The truth about carrying cash while on vacation. (Page 12)


6 tricks for making long car rides bearable and affordable. (Pages 13-14)

7 packing tips of traveling insiders. You’d hate to learn these the hard way. (Pages 14-15)

8 tricks for getting the best deal out of your hotel. (Pages 15-16)

12 secrets to getting the lowest air fare possible. (Pages 16-17)

9 items to put on your “out-the-door” check list. (Page 18)

12 things you may not know about keeping yourself and your documents safe while on vacation. (Pages 19-20)

Why travel agents know that the saying, “Knowledge is power,” definitely applies to traveling. (Page 22)

How to find the hidden treasures at your destination that won’t be filled with tourists. (Page 23)

How to care for your travel documents so you don’t have to contact an embassy or police. (Page 24)

When driving yourself around is the best, and when it can get you into a lot of trouble. (Page 25)

How to check to make sure the exchange rate you’re offered is a deal and not a scam. (Page 25)

How to bring your money securely and safely – so you don’t have to fear that you’ll lose your bankroll. (Page 26)

The most common mistake made my travelers revealed on this page. Don’t let it cramp your style. (Page 27)

The secret to using checklists to keep your travel stress-free. They’re not just for packing. (Page 27)

How keeping a diary can keep you out of possible trouble with custom agents. (Page 28)

When to read the fine print on Travel Packages that could end up costing you an arm and a leg. (Page 29)

Why it’s important to have medical details ready (and which details you MUST have). (Page 29)

Tricks to keep your clothing wrinkle free when you’re on the go. (Page 30)

How to protect your passport from being stolen (and what to do if it is). (Page 31)

The secret to saving money on hefty service fees with traveler checks. (Page 32)

The truth about the travel agent’s “booking and administration fee.” Read this to save yourself some money. (Pages 32-33)

One common packing mistake that could put a HUGE damper on your trip. (Page 33)

How to save money on meals and still experience local cuisines. (Page 34)

How the most prepared vacationers “practice” for their trips. (Page 35)

How a special “kit” you put together can make for the perfect mornings – day in and day out for your entire vacation. (Page 35)

A hidden cost of travel that adds up fast! (Page 36)

How your smallest investment may bring the biggest rewards. (Page 37)

How to use your carry-on luggage the right way. (Page 37)

The secret to being worry free on your vacation. (Leave your worries at home with this information) (Page 38)

A unique trick for keeping your budget under control. (Page 39)

Why skipping meals often doesn’t save you any money. (Page 40)

How to keep yourself from making a “bonehead” mistake many travelers make that costs them time and money. (Page 40)

3 things you’ll likely miss if you leave home without. (Page 41)

Smart travelers ask the front desk at their hotel for this potentially valuable item (and it’s free to you). (Page 42)

Don’t forget to check out these important dates about the destination you are visiting. It may make the difference between a great trip and a dud. (Page 43)

The most overlooked, inexpensive, money-saver you can bring on your trip. Hint: You’ll most likely use it a lot! (Page 44)

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!.




Everything you'll need to know to ensure a smooth transition

  moving abroad                               

2 Important Things To Remember When Moving Overseas

1) What to do with pets

One of the difficulties with moving to another country is deciding what to do with the family pet. For some there may not be a choice as different countries have different regulations in regards to animals

2) Make sure you have the right documentation

In order to move and work effectively within your chosen destination it is important that you have organised and obtained the relevant documentation. Failure to do so may result in your inability to legally work or even remain in the country.


Here is what you will learn inside this guide....


·  Everything you need to know about having the right documentation. In order to move and work effectively within your chosen destination it is important that you have organised and obtained the relevant documentation. Failure to do so may result in your inability to legally work or even remain in the country. Learn all about this in chapter 4.


·  Learning whether or not you should rent or buy overseas. Before starting your search for a home, ensure you set yourself a budget to stick to. Ensure you include costs such as bond or renovations, legal fees during the process and the estate agent. It is recommended that you allow yourself an extra ten percent on which to fall back on, if costs prove to be more than initially expected.


·  How to prepare for the big move without fuss. The key component to ensuring a smooth and stress free move is organisation. Moving abroad is very different to moving domestically and for this reason it is imperative that you be as organised as possible. Learn all about this in chapter 8.


·  How to find an international moving company without being scammed. In preparing to ship your goods overseas ensure you contact a few removal companies to compare quotes and ensure a reasonable price. Price should not be the only factor on which to base your choice.

·  And a lot more!



"Bad Credit: Absolute Truth the Credit Industry Doesn't Want You to Know."

bad credit 


How Anyone Can Establish, Manage, Repair and Erase Bad Credit Without Losing $1,000's to Credit Repair Company!



Do you want to know how to establish credit, maintain, manage, and fix it when it’s broken? May be what you want is a better living that is free of harassing phone calls from creditors.


Or do you want to know how to get out of bad credit debt, avoid overspending, clean up your credit report and establish good credit?  If your answer is yes - then this will be the best message you ever read this year.


Today we now live in credit world where credit is now a necessity for almost every consumer, but it's quite unfortunate that thousands upon thousands of people (possibly including you) are rejected for credit almost every day.


Most often it's usually because they have poor credit history or bad credit. It may even be because of error on your credit report being circulated in the credit market. If you are in this condition too it's not your all your fault and you are not alone. All you need is to read my latest book.





"Bad Credit: Absolute Truth the Credit Industry Doesn't Want You to Know."



If you are in need of rebuilding your credit history and equity, believe a creditor has wronged you, or your want to get out of debt now this book will open your eyes to hidden truth credit card companies, credit reporting agencies, and credit repair companies have been hiding from you.


You will understand how to get back on your feet if you're in credit debt already. You will not only learn how to get out of debt now, you will learn how to avoid overspending, which is one of the possible reasons why you are in debt now.


After reading this book you will know more on how easy it is to clean your credit report, establish good credit and deal with creditors without the assistance of credit Repair Company.


You will no longer have to pay up to $400 or more for Repair Company to repair your credit for you. In my book I expose and explain the secrets to repairing and re-establishing new credit in a step-by-step easy to understand method. Anybody can make use of this information to drastically improve his or her credit rating.


Don’t allow a low credit score to keep you from getting the things you want. Get my book today to improve your knowledge about the credit industry, get new credit, improve your credit score and save yourself several hundreds or thousands of dollars while doing so.


Download your copy NOW!

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.




Family Finance Planner


Family Finance Planner
"How You Can
Easily Keep On Top Of Your Finances, Keep Your Bank Manager Off Your Back And Work Out How To Finally Afford That Car Or Holiday That You've Always Wanted!"

Special bonus ... includes full
Master Resale Rights allowing you to sell this software yourself to make some extra money!



Most people have trouble keeping track of our finances and making financial plans and decisions. 

Family Finance Planner is a brand new, quick and easy software tool which can help you to manage your finances.

It will help you to track where your money is going, help you to make important financial decisions and work out how to save up for things you really want.

Here's just some of the features of this amazing brand new software...

ebook description Comprehensive monthly home budget tracker allowing you to keep track of all your expenditure each month with a built-in feature to track how much over and under budget each item is, as well as automatically calculating all the totals for you.

ebook description 
Income/expenditure tracker to keep detailed records of your income and expenditure

ebook description 
Yearly budget tracker allowing comprehensive data to be tracked over the period of a year, with automatic calculation of all totals.

ebook description 
Investment projection calculator to calculate how long you will need to save up before you can buy something you want, like a car, a holiday or a deposit for a house.

ebook description 
Car loan calculator to help you calculate whether you can really afford that new car you've always wanted.

ebook description 
Car Leasing/Purchase calculator to automatically calculate whether you would be better off buying or leasing a new car. 

With all these powerful financial facilities at your disposal, you'll soon be able to keep your bank account balanced, your bank manager off your back and work out how to afford things you really want!


Family Finance Planner Bonus Special Credit Guide!

Most of us rely on credit at some point in our lives to pay for a house, a car or a holiday and many of us use credit regularly in the form of a credit card.



Very few of us however really understand the ins and outs of the complex issues associated with credit.

With more and more people being affected with credit rating and credit card problems, credit has become a serious concern for many.



Now help is at hand with our special credit guide, supplied free with your copy of Family Finance Planner.

This special resource is packed with useful information to help you with all aspects of credit.

Here's just some of the topics covered in this comprehensive 30 page guide...

  • ebook description  Making Sense Of Your Credit Report
  • ebook description  Tips To Build Your Credit Today
  • ebook description  Debt Negotiation
  • ebook description  Building Business Credit
  • ebook description  How Divorce Can Affect Your Credit Rating
  • ebook description  Avoiding Getting Scammed When Repairing Your Credit
  • ebook description  Three Critical Steps To Your First Home Mortgage
  • ebook description  Preventative Measures For Credit Card Fraud
  • ebook description  The Differences Between Secured And Unsecured Debt
  • ebook description  How Credit Counseling Can Help You

ebook description ... and much more!

Full Master Resale Rights Included Free!

Your copy of Family Finance Planner comes complete with Master Resale Rights.

This means you can sell the software and the bonus credit guide yourself and keep all the money.

Just make one sale to recover your investment.

I'll even give you a copy of this ready made sales page to make it really easy for you.

You can also add the software and credit guide as bonuses to other items you sell if you wish, give them away as incentives to subscribe to a newsletter or include them in packages and membership sites.


All These Amazing Benefits At A Very Special Price

This amazing software allows you to easily plan your finances and make financial decisions.

By providing tracking of where your money has been spent and helping you to plan your savings and loans, this software could save you a lot of money and heartache.



Combined with this is the valuable information in the credit guide which could help save you so much money and hassle in the future.

Start getting on top of your finances now!


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Don't Allow Your Mechanic To Take You For A Ride... Learn How To Save Your Money When Buying And Maintaining Your Car

Easy riding

Do you absolutely trust your car mechanic?

This isn’t a mere academic question. Your answer hinges on what you are about to find out. What if I were to tell you that you could reduce your car repair and maintenance by half and take a vacation on the savings? I can see your raised eyebrow, so read on…

As you are probably aware, the cost of owning and maintaining a car has shot up drastically over the last few years, and we’re still counting. In fact, some auto industry estimates say that these costs will triple in the near future!

So Why Should You Pay Them?

The answer is simple: You shouldn’t!

  • DON’T allow your mechanic to take you for a ride every time
  • DON’T be fooled into thinking your car needs extensive repairs when a few basic preventive measures can take care of the problem
  • DON’T spend huge amounts of money on buying and maintaining a car simply because you don’t know where to find the best deals

Take Charge Today!

Gather comprehensive information on how to find the best deals when you buy a new or used car, as well as a wealth of details on how you can save money on repairs by following a few simple routines that keep your brakes, engine, wheels, chassis and other parts in shipshape order.

Learn how to find that informtion and how to protect yourself. All you need to know is awaiting you in this ebook, Easy Riding: The All-In-One Car Guide.

When you download your copy, here’s what you get:

  • Tire Care Guide.
  • Car Parts Buying Tips.
  • Gas Saving Tips You Should Know.
  • How To Make Your Car More Fuel-Efficient.
  • How To Take Care Of Your Car Battery.
  • Importance Of Regular Brake Inspection.
  • Protect Your Car From Theft.
  • Winter Driving Tips.
  • Drive Safely On Wet Roads.
  • Shopping For a Car? Tips To Get Started.
  • Buying a Used Car, Things You Should Know.
  • Going For a Test Drive?
  • How To Wash And Wax Your Hot Wheels.
  • Keep Your Car Gleaming.
  • Rust Proof Your Car.

As you can see, car care and car buying information doesn’t get any more comprehensive. That is why I call it the all-in-one car guide.



Buying a car with little or no credit


How to buy a car with little or no credit


How To Get That Car With Little Or No Credit !

 "Think you can't get a car because you have no credit? You need to read this report today!"

Are you in need of a car?

The cost of a new car nowadays equals about what my parents paid for their first home. It's not a purchase to be taken lightly. You want to do everything possible to ensure you get a great deal.

Been turned down because you have no credit?

You may have heard the advice to shop the last day of the month for better deals. It's true that you might get a better deal from a salesman then. In this report learn how to take over payments on cars about to be repossessed by the bank!

Where to Find The Vehicle of Your Choice?

How do you know which car is right for you? It's all in asking the right questions.

First, ask yourself what you really need in a car. Who will be driving it most of the time? Where will you be driving in? Over what sort of terrain? Do you need a lot of storage space and lots of seating? Are you going to be traveling back and forth over long distances?

What features is an absolute must? Air conditioning, adjustable controls, cruise control?

What safety features you are looking for? Anti-lock brake systems, head injury protection, or child protection equipment?

How much are you willing to spend?

What kind of down payment can you make?

Realistically, what can you afford to pay monthly?

It's important to know this amount before you even start looking. Then do your research. Check websites, dealerships, and Consumer Reports magazine. Look for reliability and repair ratings as well as safety advice.

Go exploring for that perfect car. Gather as much info as you can on the different makes and models. Check out the retail value, available options, performance, and track record for repairs.

No matter where you buy your used car, be prepared to stand firm. There are a bazillion other cars you could fall in love with. Be willing to walk away from the car if the deal doesn't meet the criteria you laid out earlier. Your ability to negotiate a great deal will increase by leaps and bounds.

Always know the market value of any car you're considering and make your first offer lower. You want a little room to negotiate.

Ask for detailed vehicle history report and service records from the seller. This report can identify major problems including past accidents, flood damage, and odometer discrepancies. When you decide to buy a car, make sure you get it checked out by a trusted mechanic before you hand over any money. That's absolutely crucial.

Buying a car can be one of the most exciting purchases you ever make.

Step By Step Report Guide "Buy With Little Or No Credit"
Step 1: Where to Find The Vehicle of Your Choice
Step 2:Making the Initial Contact (Common Questions and Answers)
Step 3: The Face to Face Presentation
Step 4: Closing the Deal
Step 5: Paperwork and Insurance

Much More....

Get it now as part of the total package!


Keys To Power Prosperity

Have you dreamed of a never-ending flow of money into your life?  Do you wish there was a way to be prosperous without a lot of hard (or boring) work?  Are you still struggling just to get by?  Would you like to learn the key secrets to attracting unlimited prosperity? 

Then today is your lucky day!  Today, you'll discover the secrets that wealthy people have refused to reveal to anyone.  

Once you learn these secrets and start using them in your life, you'll be able to create as much prosperity in your life as you want!  Can you imagine how fun and exciting it will be to have multiple streams of prosperity flowing effortlessly into your life, day after day after day?  With the information you'll learn here, you'll be able to accelerate your personal prosperity along any path you choose, and become as rich as you desire!


  • Prosperity is about more than simply having the right attitude. 
  • Prosperity is about more than being in the right place at the right time.  


Would you like to know what rich people know?

There are actually a number of secrets that go into true Power Prosperity.  Secrets such as:

  • The secret Beliefs about Prosperity that automatically put you in the money!
  • How to bypass the years of negative programming your life has created.
  • Tapping into your inner mind to make everything you do 10 times more effective!
  • Power Affirmations that will magnetize your mind to attract unlimited prosperity.
  • A special technique that automatically attracts Prosperity to you.
  • How you can build unshakable self-confidence and courage.
  • Power Persuasion - How to get others to do whatever you ask them to do!


As you can see, rich people focus on far more than simple business mechanics or positive thinking.  In a very real sense, rich people know how to command invisible forces to manifest prosperity at every turn.  Keep reading and soon you'll learn how to do this too.  And when you do, watch out world!


What do rich people know?

Rich people know that certain types of businesses are more likely to succeed than others.  While it's true that not everyone will succeed in any given business, some businesses are much easier to succeed in than others.  Here's perhaps the biggest secret of all: 


To be successful, you have to be in a business you enjoy. 

Rich people know all about leverage

If you want to earn $50 per hour, then do only those things that will give you that kind of return on your time investment!


In order to be prosperous, you absolutely must spend your time doing things that will pay off big!  You can always hire someone else to do the 'little things' that must get done, and pay them with the money you'll make doing the 'big things'. 


Rich people know how to perform at higher levels


You don't need to run a business to attract prosperity

You can use the principles I'm going to reveal to attract prosperity in any form you wish.  Actually, if you never want to run any kind of business, you can still benefit from what I'm about to teach you.  


If I could show you how to create a cash generating machine in as little as a single day that will pay you a solid income for the rest of your life, would you give it a chance?

The Keys To Power Prosperity book


There are a million ways to make a million dollars, you just have to pick what works for you.  


I have seen people literally making a fortune doing nothing more than janitorial work!  No matter what kind of business you want to be in, you can attract unending prosperity.


Here are some of the things you'll learn from this exciting new book:


  • -  The 164 beliefs that automatically attract prosperity to you.
  • -  Why you're worth as much as you care to claim.
  • -  How to build unshakable self-confidence.
  • -  The mechanics of faith, and how to use it to get anything you want!
  • -  5 amazingly simple ways to trick your mind into attracting wealth.
  • -  How to create your own subliminal recordings to program your new prosperity beliefs into your inner mind.
  • -  How to use creative daydreaming for prosperous results.
  • -  How to put the creativity into your creative daydreaming.
  • -  The Keys To Power Persuasion, and how to get anyone to do whatever you want!
  • -  How to discover your personal pathway to prosperity. There are a million ways to make a million dollars. What's your way?
  • -  How to get rich in a business you know nothing about! This is a HUGE secret that rich people almost never share.
  • -  MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!



So You Wanna Buy A Car ?


so you wanna buy a car

Things that you should know when buying a Car

"...How To Buy A Car Without Getting Ripped Off!"


Are you looking to buy a car but don't want to pay more money then you have to?

Then I am your ticket.

The first thing you need to realize when going to a dealership to buy a car is this. The salesman's agenda is to make the best commission possible. Your agenda is to get the best deal possible. You must understand this mindset.


"...It's You VS The Salesman!" is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • Understand that both you and the dealer are looking to get the better deal. (Page 6)
  • Why you should run if they ask you to resign your loan papers. (Page 9)
  • Find out the difference between the dealer's price and the factory price - so that you know how much to offer. (Page 30)
  • Find out when salesmen are desperate to sell cars and are much more willing to lower their prices to close the deal. (Page 7)
  • Recognize numerous other scams such as the "Factory Holdback Scam," "Insurance Scam," "Turnover Scam," and more. Get prepared before you get taken for thousands. (Pages 46-47)
  • 8 items to bring with you when purchasing a car if you want to make sure you get the best deal possible. (Pages 28-29)
  • Recognize who is really on the phone if someone calls in to compete with your offer. (Page 44)
  • Find out why you should always pay deposits with your credit card - not with checks. (Page 10)
  • Recognize "Price Beating" and "I Won't Get Paid" scams and learn to stay away. (Pages 41-42)
  • Why you should never wait until the last minute to buy a car... never! (Page 10)
  • Find out why you should never offer any money for a car unless you already know the dealer cost. (Page 12)
  • Understand how you can end up paying thousands more if you let the dealership help you get out making payments on your current cars loan. (Pages 21-22)
  • Find out when to consider if you should finance your loan through a credit union instead of the dealership. (Page 15)
  • Learn when to use the words "only if you put it in writing" to save yourself from scams forced on you by pushy salesmen. (Pages 17-18)
  • Make sure the date that the salesman writes on your contract is correct before signing. I'll tell you why on... (Page 45)
  • How to protect yourself from late payments when trading in car that still has money due. (Page 9)
  • Recognize a legal way dealers are able to charge you an extra $500 for doing next to nothing - and how you can avoid it. (Pages 18-19)
  • Learn to look out for the words, "As is" when purchasing a car - I'll show you where to look. (Page 23)
  • Discover how you can get a better deal by shopping during these 4 months. (Page 7)
  • Learn the best way to find rebates and incentives to make sure you get the best deal possible. (Page 7)
  • The source (that anyone can use) that is actually more powerful then the Kelley Blue Book and can save you thousands of dollars. (Page 8)
  • Learn what to do when the finance manager starts throwing so many numbers at you that you can't keep them straight - he's doing it on purpose. (Pages 40-41)
  • Find out what you can bring with you to the dealership to lower your interest rates. (Page 8)
  • One popular, yet false, belief that you should know about the invoice on your car. (Page 30)
  • Learn not to lie about your car before it's too late. (Page 11)
  • The magic formula to use when deciding the dollar amount of your first offer. (Pages 32-33)
  • Words and phrases to look out for when a salesman is trying to push you into making a purchase. (Page 13)
  • 5 lines a salesman may give you to try to force a sale. Get ready for them before you are face to face with a professional seller. (Pages 36-37)
  • 9 money saving tips to swear by to avoid car refinance scams. (Pages 26-27)
  • Discover how to give yourself an edge on the dealer by finding the factory invoice to the car you want to purchase online. I'll show you were to find it. (Pages 30-32)
  • Learn to be cautious of "No Payments for X months" schemes. I'll show you what to do to protect yourself. (Pages 42-43)
  • Learn not to set yourself up as a "monthly payment buyer," even if you are - a salesmen is likely to jump on you for the reasons here... (Page 38-39)
  • Understand how the word "etching" can end up costing you $900 if you don't know how to respond to the salesman. (Pages 14-15)
  • 6 deal-making tips to bring with you when negotiating with a salesman from the dealership. They're trained to get the best deal possible, you best prepare! (Pages 35-36)
  • Learn how to react to the "No Cheaper Rate!" and the "We've Got It!" schemes before you get taken for hundreds or thousands more then you intended. (Pages 43-44)
  • Recognize when someone is trying to sneak one buy you if they insist on running a credit report... when you're not buying on credit. They're just looking to squeeze out more money. (Pages 24-25)
  • Get the inside scoop on credit report scams dealerships pull to get more money out of the deal. (Page 8)
  • Know exactly what to tell a salesman if he says he can't accept your check due to a high rate of bounced checks from your bank. It's a scam! (Page 24)
  • Learn what an "Extended Warranty" really is before you tack it on to your price tag. It may not be what you think. (Page 49)
  • 9 extra costs that the dealership will try to tack on after the deal has already been closed - along with the actual price it costs the dealership to offer these "extras." (Pages 51-52)

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!



Sell Arts & Crafts Items Without Making A Single Project!

Turn their trash into profits

Making Money From Arts & Crafts
Products Has Never Been Easier!


Even if you are not into making arts and crafts, you can still profit in this market and this special report shows you how!


If you can't paint, sew, crochet, knit or cross-stitch, that's perfectly ok, you can still make money by selling original handcrafted arts and crafts related items without sewing a single stitch or painting a single brush stroke.


This Special Report Shares With You

  • Ways to locate handcrafted items dirt-cheap that you can resell for huge profits
  • How used clothing and a pair of scissors can prove to be quite profitable
  • How to obtain free used clothing where you can begin with absolutely no start up costs
  • Why one person's ignorance can help increase your own profits
  • How to assemble quick kits that can be resold for as much as $10.00 each, using materials that costs you only pennies
  • How a 50 cent item can be resold for as high as much as $25.00
  • How to turn an old bedspread into over $500 cash or more
  • A tip where you could make as much as $250.00 from old furniture like sofas and chairs that others have thrown away, as well as providing a guaranteed buyer if a certain type of fabric is used on this furniture.

Although this report is just 10 pages long, you'll find the information contained in it will help you make money no matter what skills you have.


If you just need part time dollars, then you'll find it easy as pie to make a few extra dollars per week, or you can even start your own full time business using some of the methods covered in this special report!



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If You Want To Take Concrete Steps Towards Getting A Grant, And Want To Know Step-By-Step Exactly How To Do it, Then Discover…



“…The Truth About Government Grants, The Grants That You Qualify For And Exactly How To Write The Perfect Grant Application That Will Have A Real Chance Of Getting Approved Every Time You Send It In!”



If you want to stop fantasizing about getting approved for a government grant and want to get serious about it, this letter is for you.

You and I have heard it all before, the man with the funny jacket on late night TV telling us that the United States government gives out over 30 Billion dollars in grants every year. And if we want any of that for ourselves, all we have to do is send him some money and all our money problems will be over.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds a little bit too good to be true.


The truth goes something like this: while the US government does grant over 30 Billion dollars a year, you do not qualify to receive most of that money.

Most of that 30 Billion goes to non profit organizations such as:


  • County governments
  • City or township governments
  • Independent school districts
  • State controlled institutions of higher education
  • Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized)
  • Nonprofits other than institutions of higher education [includes community action agencies and other organizations having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS]
  • Private institutions of higher education, State governments  


Now let me ask you, do you or your family fit any of the descriptions above? Not likely.

Now I know this may sound like bad news, but it’s not! You now know the truth about federal grants: you don’t qualify for most of them.  So now that you know this simple fact, you can focus your attention on the grants that you do qualify for as apposed to just taking a stab in the dark.


So are there any grants that you qualify for?

Most likely yes, there is. But you must know where to look and know that there will be other people like you who will be applying for the same Grants as you are – you will have competition.

And that is why you will need to know exactly how to write and structure your grant application, what the people reviewing your application are looking for and what grants you actually have a chance of getting approved for.

And that is exactly what you are about to learn in just a few minutes once you download…


Here is a small sample of just some of the things you’re about to discover:

grantsHow to choose the type of grant, entitlement or even loan that is best for you (there are certain advantages and disadvantages to different ways of getting money that you must know)

grantsAll about various types of entitlements and why an entitlement may be best for you.

grantsChoosing the grants that best fit your needs, and the grants you have the greatest chance of getting approved for (choosing the grant you apply for correctly will greatly increase your chances of getting approved)

grantsThe things you MUST do before you ever even think of filing out an application (if you don’t do this, your chances of getting approved for a grant will be slim)

grantsExactly what the people reviewing your application are looking for (if you make their life easier, they are more likely to reward you by approving your grant)

grantsWhat your project summary should look like (you can use this sample to help you write your own project summary)

grantsEverything you need to know about setting your project budget and things you should avoid during this crucial point of the grant application process.


grantsExactly how to put your whole application together in the most effective way possible (the way your application is put together has a great influence on the outcome of your grant being approved or not)


grantsThe secret techniques you should use to out-shine your competition and make yourself a clear favorite to get your application approved (after you submit your application, there is a lot you can to help it get approved)



grantsAll the resources you need to make your grant research as easy as possible! (well over 100 websites and resources to help you save time and energy)

grantsAnd much, much more (more important stuff you NEED to know)




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Who Else Wants To Boost Their Credit Score To Repair Financial Damage Constantly Hanging Over Your Head?

credit rating

They're smiling but they don't trust you.

A polite nod here, a chuckle there. Meanwhile they're anxiously waiting for your credit report. You know it hurt your chances of getting the loan when you had to admit to some small financial mistakes in the past.

As you leave the office with that sick feeling telling you you've already lost, they state the inevitable, "We'll let you know."

Less than perfect credit is not a permanent situation. If you've made financial mistakes in the past (and who hasn't), it's not too late to start repairing your credit today. When you know the little tips and tricks you can use to convince the credit bureau's your trust worthy... can leave the loan officer's chair confident that the deal will have a happy ending. It's all about knowing how to play the credit game. And you can play the game like a master with...


101 Legitimate Tips for Boosting Your Credit Score!


"Give Me 45 Minutes And I'll Have You On Your Way To A Better Credit Rating, Happy Lenders, And Open Doors!"


If you're planning on asking for a loan in the future... If you want to get help from the bank to buy your dream home, dream car, start your own business or more... but feel like your bad credit rating is holding you back. FRET NO MORE.


Within my 50 page guide, "101 Legitimate Tips For Boosting Your Credit Score," I'll teach you exactly how the credit bureau's do their business. I'll teach you how to regain their trust step by step, and even show you a few simple tricks for being financially responsible.

You can download my guide straight to your computer in minutes. Once you do, the tips and tricks inside will blow your mind... is just SOME of the information you will find inside:


What's a good credit score? And at what score should I start to be worried. (Page 4)

Even if you pay all your bills on time, you may still have marks against your credit. See why here. (Pages 4-5)


=> 3 top credit agencies and how to keep tabs on them. (Page 5)

=> 4 ways the credit bureau's look at your lending history - and how important each view is. (Pages 6-7)

=> 3 ways to boost your credit score (and it's not just paying your bills). (Pages 7-8)

=> 10 steps to protecting your identity from thieves who may destroy your credit on their joyride across the country. (Page 9)

=> 4 steps to take right away if you think you've been a victim of identity theft. It may not be too late. (Pages 11-12)

=> 5 common credit mistakes you may commit if you don't know about them in advance. (Pages 12-14)


=> How not having any debts may actually hurt your credit score. (Page 14)

=> How to dispute bad marks on your credit report. (Page 15)

=> After you contact the credit bureau about an error in your credit report, make sure you contact these people next. (Page 16)

=> The truth about "free credit reports" online. (Page 17)

=> 3 ways to start building up trust after a major credit disaster. (Pages 17-18)

=> When to consider declaring bankruptcy. (Page 21)

=> 5 organizations that can help you when you're in over your head. (Pages 22-23)

=> When you should fear credit repair companies. (Pages 23)

=> 6 common scams some credit repair companies try and pull. (Pages 24-25)

=> How to use your bank as an ally in your fight against bad credit. (Page 25)

=> 5 ways to curb your spending habit. (Page 27)

=> How to automatically cut down on your spending without beating yourself up. (Page 28)

=> 6 ideas for adding extra dollars to your monthly income. (Page 29)

=> 4 steps to preparing ahead of time for financial emergencies. (Pages 29-30)

=> The secret to changing the way you think about money. (Page 31)

=> 7 most common reasons why credit scores are lowered. (Pages 31-32)

=> 3 reasons why change in your life is not always a good thing. (Pages 32-33)

=> How a simple phone call may help out your credit. (Pages 33-34)

=> When a "late fee" is easily waived. (Page 34)

 => How to set your finances on autopilot. (Pages 36-37)

=> When refinancing is the best option. (Page 37)

=> What you should always know before talking to a lender. (Page 38)

=> How to encourage a potential lender to look at you instead of your credit rating. (Page 38)

=> How to make paying your bills easier on yourself. (Pages 39-40)

=> How you can take advantage of being a student while trying to repair your credit. (Page 41)

=> The secret to handling student loans (and when you may be able to award yourself a six month grace period on paying your bills). (Pages 42-43)

=> When to take out a loan to repay your debts. (Page 44)                         

=> Which "cash advance" agencies to stay away from (or you risk destroying your credit). (Page 45)

=> 6 ways to handle the stress of being in debt. (Pages 46-48)


And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

Indeed It's Not Too Late To Build A Credit Rating
You Can Be Proud Of!

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Are you stuck for a moneymaking idea?


999 money making ideas

Have you been racking your brains out for a part time lucrative business venture that you can build on?


If so, then this quick guide could just be what you are looking for.


 With 999 different money making ideas there’s bound to be some to suit you. All can lead to lucrative projects and most can be operated from home in your spare time without leaving your current employment.


 "999 Different Money Making Ideas" is 63 pages of brief descriptions of different money making ideas. Some requiring little capital; some requiring no capital. Some requiring little effort; some requiring hard work! Some risky; some not so risky. Some tried and tested traditional methods of making money; some quite brilliant business concepts for the aspiring entrepreneur. A complete cross section of different business ideas to suit people with or without any special skills.



Here are just the first 10 in this fantastic e-book


1. Produce Christmas cards which are printed on the front with, for example, "Happy Christmas from the Smith Family". Or, instead of the name 'Smith', pick one of the dozens of  other popular surnames. Sell packs of these cards by direct mail to people listed in telephone directories.

2. Make money from renting out expensive children's toys. The toys you rent out will include remote controlled models and computerised games. Use a little van to deliver the toys to customers. Paint in toy town colour scheme. Call the van a toy mobile or similar suitable name.

3. Introduce to your region a service which mounts maps for businesses. Keep a stock of local, national and international maps. Mount these maps in a professional manner to suit the wall space available at offices. Send out leaflets about your services to office managers.

4. Bring out a regular publication for ambitious amateur musicians. This publication might include ads from : 1) Employers seeking musicians. 2) Retailers selling equipment accessories and supplies. 3) People selling used equipment. 4) Musicians seeking to make contact with other musicians. Also publish interesting editorials and letters.

5. Design and manufacture kits for making models with cocktail sticks, for example: model churches, castles, windmills, houses, etc. Buy the cocktail sticks in their unpacked state from the manufacturer. Sell your kits by mail order from ads in craft magazines or distribute to model shops.

6. Establish a directory of products no longer made. This directory might include sections on toys, novelties and household goods. Design the directory for business people and inventors who want to know both what has been made before and what ideas might be revived and/or modified.

7. Make cotton gloves especially designed for coin collectors. The gloves prevent the grease and moisture from fingers getting onto coins. Package the gloves and sell them from ads in coin collecting magazines or distribute to shops which sell collectible coins.

8. Bring out a correspondence course about how to write cookery books. The course might include information about: How to devise recipes, how to present them in written form and what makes a successful cookery book. Produce a prospectus and advertise in women's magazines.

9. Begin a business which rents out large and expensive astronomical telescopes to householders who want to develop their interest in astronomy. Publicise your service at the local astronomy society and use local advertising to attract clients.

10. Set up a company which produces a compendium of strip games, for example: Strip poker, strip snakes and ladders, strip lotto, strip snap, and strip ludo. Sell by mail order from adverts in X-rated magazines.


These, as you can see, are some really interesting ideas. Some you will like, some you won't, but certainly something  in this book is worth tinkering with in your spare time.


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