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Important Documents You Must Have or Denied Loan!

In order for you to apply for a loan you must be able to put all your documentation in order first. After you organize your documents, you can now go ahead and apply for a loan. There are several important documents you should have.

The first document is your driver’s license.
This is very important as a means of identification. It also enables the lending company find out more about your character by checking your driving records. Not all lending companies do this but some do. It all depends on the amount involved as well as circumstances involved.

The second document is your social security card.
You can’t do anything without this if you live in the U.S. If you’ve lost it then get it back. This may not apply to you if you live outside the U.S.

Pay stubs or Pay slips for two months.
You need to prove to them you can payback the loan or that you are comfortable enough to payback.

You also need copies of your bank account statement.
You can get these online if you use online banking and print them out. Alternatively you can go them your bank and ask then to give you your statement. This usually takes longer but you should get it the same day. The statement presented needs to be current. The statement should have preferably been printed in the last three months.

Vehicles title deeds in your name:
This is only applicable if you are applying for a loan that requires collateral and you intend to use your vehicles collateral. You will need to give your documents to the lending company so should you default. They can sell your item and recover their funds. As I said earlier this does not apply to non collateral loans such as payday loans.

Property deeds or mortgage:
This only applies to the situation where you may require a loan and wish to use your home for collateral. This may also be required in situations where a large sum of money is involved and the lending company would want to feel secure before they give you the loan you need. Get a lawyer and re read before signing the documents they give you. A late payment may cost you your home.

Unpaid Bills or cancelled checks
The lending company would require viewing your bills or cancelled checks. They need to check your financial status before they give you a loan. How far are you in debt? Bring out everything you have. They may place hidden charges on you if they find out more about you that you didn’t present. Get a professional or get a book to guide you through the process and research several companies so you get a better deal.

These documents are highly important as well as appropriate advice. Make sure you get a professional to help you or pick a useful book to improve your knowledge. This could be the difference between cash and more than enough cash.

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